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Tryton Community

Tryton Community supports the work on to extend the capabilities of the Tryton ERP system. Tryton Community is warm and welcoming, open to all contributions to Tryton. If you follow a few basic rules, this is a gathering place for contributions that have no place on, especially

  • complementary modules,

  • documentation and videos,

  • tools, for example for installation, administration and documentation,

  • core modules that have been extended with additional capabilities.

Tryton Community aims to make collaboration on Tryton modules and tools attractive, especially to avoid duplication and multiple efforts. The Tryton Community is intended to be a place where a vibrant and agile Tryton community can grow.

The community plans to provide centralized development services to help contributors develop high-quality projects.

A Space for Free Development

Tryton Community creates a space where Tryton development can unfold more freely. Tryton Community wants to make Tryton more accessible especially to users without programming skills. Therefore, we invite all those active in the Tryton project to contribute to Tryton Community. You can do this in the following ways, for example:

A Collection Point for Ideas

There are a lot of modules and other components for Tryton that are little known. This means that a lot of potential for an efficient use of Tryton is wasted. Tryton Community sees itself as a collection point for all these ideas and concepts in order to

  • avoid duplication and multiplication of work

  • to provide a source of inspiration and ideas

  • promote professional exchange, and

  • increase efficiency in the development and use of Tryton.