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Governance and Moderation/Maintainer Team

“Tryton Community” will be moderated and the repositories technically owned by a team of moderators. The team will be elected “somehow” [to be discussed] and the period of office is expected to be no longer than two years.

Initial maintainers are htgoebel, pokoli and yangoon.

Moderator's responsibilities, rights and obligations

Maintainers are more like moderators. They are expected to foster the aims of “Community” but are not expected to maintain any of the repositories. (Of course, they can maintain, if they want.)

Maintainers should have a good idea of what’s going on, but the other responsibilities can (and should! :-)) be delegated.

There are some duties:

  • Enforcing “Tryton Community” to be a warm and welcoming place: maintainers are the contact point for anyone who wants to report abuse.

  • Enforcing “Community” policies (see above).

  • Making decisions, about code or anything, when consensus cannot be reached.

  • Technically owning and managing the “Community” group of the Tryton Heptapod group.

  • Decide about accepting new projects for “Community” and creating a respective sub-project in Heptapod.

  • Maintainers are allowed to add or remove access to/from sub-projects. This is especially true for projects that seem to be unmaintained.